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Chamberlain Driveway Alarm

Looking for one of the best driveway alarms in the world? A Chamberlain driveway alarm features the latest in detection technology, various user settings and easy expandability. Using motion detection with adjustable sensitivity levels, it is possible to setup the CWA2000 to detect animals, cars or humans. With a high level of sensitivity, you will be able to fully detect anyone or anything entering the property. Using lower sensitivity, you will be able to set your Chamberlain driveway alarm to only detect large animals, vehicles and humans while disregarding cats, dogs and squirrels.

Alert Types and Options

This Chamberlain driveway alarm features a variety of alert types and options. This alarm features:
  • Loud beeps to alert you of motion detected.
  • Adjustable beeps, from 1 3+.
  • Light alerts can be setup for further visual cue of a triggered sensor.
The Chamberlain driveway alarm is very easy to setup and can be completely setup within just 20 minutes or less.

It should be noted that there is no mute option available on the CWA2000 Chamberlain driveway alarm. Instead, users will need to turn down the volume control accordingly. This is to ensure that detection is always possible and the unit is not left muted on accident.

Expandability Options

Setting up zones that detect a presence is easy with this alarm. Expandable to allow up to 8 sensors to be used at one time, it is possible to cover a large area and ensure that it is always monitored. It should further be noted that this particular unit has a mile range from the base unit.

This allows homeowners with exceptionally long driveways to detect vehicles with ease. Chamberlain driveway alarm add-on sensors can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or on our storefront.

Sensitivity Control

False alarms are kept to a minimum. Using advanced sensitivity controls, it is possible to avoid most false alerts allowing for better overall control by the user. Sensitivity controls are simple and straightforward to adjust.

Each sensor, if using expandable models, can have their own sensitivity levels set for precise control over each monitoring zone with your Chamberlain driveway alarm.

Chamberlain is known for their exceptional quality. The CWA2000 allows for detection from far distances without fault. If trees or other objects are in line of sight, this will change the detection results seen greatly. We highly recommend using this model when the sensor has an uninterrupted path for best results.

Battery life on the Chamberlain driveway alarm is also exceptional with replacements being necessary less than once per year. For home and business owners, this means uninterrupted detection without any costly maintenance.

This Chamberlain driveway alarm also offers a 1 year warranty on this product. This is one of our most recommended options based on affordability and ease of use. Fully wireless, the CWA2000 will detect motion up to 30 feet away from the sensor with a 120 degree coverage.

The Chamberlain driveway alarm can be seen on our e-commerce site and is available for immediate purchase. We also offer the option of buying additional sensors.

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